Aerial Roof Inspection

FAA Part 107 CompliantAt Storm Guard of DuPage we’re proud to be a company that keeps up with and embraces the latest and most efficient technologies to make sure that the job we do is the highest possible quality. This is just one of many areas that separates us from a conventional exterior restoration company.

Our latest addition is the use of aerial roof inspections using high quality UAV’s (Drones). This technology may be relatively new to the roofing industry, but not to Storm Guard of DuPage. We have a full team of highly trained, FAA Certified Remote Drone Pilots.

Why inspect using a Drone?

A drone inspection is fast, safe, and efficient. A drone inspection can show us anything, and everything about the exterior condition of your roof.

Drone inspectionHow is a drone inspection better than a conventional inspection?
• A conventional inspection would require a person to climb up onto your roof, sometimes by themselves.
• In some cases, a conventional inspection may require access to your home or business.
• Conventional roof inspection is one of the most dangerous parts of any home inspection. Drones make the process much safer.
• Some roofs are inaccessible for most inspectors due to their height, their pitch, their materials, or their general condition. Drones provide easy access.

With a drone, we fly near your roof, rather than walk on it.  We can get a look at areas that are difficult to reach conventionally.  Our drone gives us very detailed photos of your roof, at a very high image quality, so we can easily zoom in on details and efficiently assess the condition of shingles, vents, skylights, gutters, turrets, and more.

Without the need of trucks, ladders, and additional personnel to climb onto, and walk around your roof, a drone inspection can be completed in a fraction of the time of a conventional inspection, while almost completely eliminating any potential hazard.

Finally, technology that delivers… SG ProScan!

SG ProScan Provider

100% Free!

  • Hands-Free roof scan in under 10 minutes.
    • Fast and accurate scan (drone insights guide our in-office virtual inspection)
    • Safe for our inspectors and your roof (no boots)
    • HD quality photos aerial photos pinpointing any concerns
  • Full roof pre-loss data stored in the cloud.
    • For use should a weather event create the need for an insurance claimAerial Roof Inspection by Drone
  • Live or virtual scan review.
    • Virtually walk the roof with one of our inspection professionals
  • Printable report
    • Summary and recommendations
    • Insights to guide your understanding